The Great Benefit of Aquaponics

The great benefit of an Aquaponics system is the systematic, consistent production of fresh vegetables and fish for food. Aquaponics typically uses no soil, only vegetables grown in water (hydroponically), and then adding fish to the system creates “Aquaponics.” Because of the space available, however, this system will not have vegetables grown in the water […]

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Joy Upon Joy!

As we visited the fish farmers that sell the baby fish, we found out that they all get their baby fish imported from Vietnam. None of them breed their own. There have been no new fish from Vietnam lately, although they expect more soon. The smallest fish we were able to get was already one […]

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Turkeys, Chickens, and Ducks

Dara and Savun are the directors of the orphanage and are incredibly industrious. They have learned to provide food and clothing for twenty-six children with a very meager budget. To assist in providing food, they have labored to raise turkeys, chickens, and ducks. The poultry provides meat and eggs and is satisfying and nourishing. The […]

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We are thankful to report we have our first crop of high school graduates with PRM. Three wonderful young ladies will now start the next step of their education pursuing post-secondary degrees. Your support makes reports like this possible. Thank you.

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My Visit- Abi Tucker

This September my dad, sister and I were able to travel together to Cambodia. Though my dad has visited numerous times, for Gracie and I this was our first trip to beautiful Siem Reap. After years of (virtually) growing up alongside the kids at Pure Religion Ministries Orphanage (separated only by 9,000 miles), we finally […]

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