The Cambodian catfish get big and provide a lot of tasty meat

The great benefit of an Aquaponics system is the systematic, consistent production of fresh vegetables and fish for food. Aquaponics typically uses no soil, only vegetables grown in water (hydroponically), and then adding fish to the system creates “Aquaponics.” Because of the space available, however, this system will not have vegetables grown in the water but in the soil. However, the water from the tank will be invaluable.

The fish will be raised in a tank and the wastewater from the fish will be connected to a motorized pump that will send the wastewater to a garden hose, watering the vegetables in the soil. Essentially, the wastewater will leave the fish tank and go to the vegetables, giving them organic fertilizer and nutrients. But instead of going to a vegetable bed in water, the vegetables would be grown in the soil. The wastewater would flow from the fish tank to a motorized pump, which would be connected to a garden hose. The vegetables would be watered in this way with the fish wastewater, and they are happy. Using a hose with a pump powering the flow would make watering the large area for the vegetables easy.

Also, the tanks that will be purchased are very durable plastic and can be easily moved to a new location. So, for example, if we build dorms on the existing land nearby for the orphanage that has been purchased, moving the entire setup will be a small matter.

Please pray that the aquaponics system will prove advantageous food and reduce costs longterm.