HeartCry Missionary Society is privileged to assist Dara and Kelly as they proclaim the gospel and care for the marginalized in Cambodia. Dara and Savon (Dara’s wife), are Cambodians who serve tirelessly as directors of an orphanage that provides for the spiritual and physical needs of twenty children. Dara also has a tremendous heart for sharing the gospel and evangelizing, training pastors, and he assists an American missionary, Kelly, with translation work. 

Kelly is an earnest and faithful partner and friend of HeartCry. He disciples three Khmer pastors that HeartCry supports and regularly visits the pastors and the churches to teach them biblical doctrine and to encourage their faith. Kelly labors faithfully to equip pastors to care for the Khmer churches and communicate the gospel effectively to the lost. Too, Kelly has helped the orphanage by providing a more productive way to grow food and raise poultry and ducks. The goal is to help the orphanage become more self-sufficient. This week Kelly shared the following report with the board of directors of Pure Religion Ministries and HeartCry: https://heartcrymissionary.com/mission-updates/gospel-proclamation-and-mercy-ministry-in-cambodia/